Extraction Systems according to Soxhlet Methods

The standard extraction method is the Soxhlet method. behr apparatus for Soxhlet extractions fulfil all the various requirements in everyday laboratory practice.

  • Practical brackets for condensers and intermediate extraction pieces for safe storage between extractions.

  • Extractor sizes from 30 ml to 1,000 ml.

  • Compact apparatus with one sample position.

  • Series extraction devices with 4, 6 or 8 sample positions.

  • Extractors with specially developed siphon tubes (make: "Bröckerhoff") guarantee consistent extraction cycles across all sample positions.

  • Extractors with taps remove the need for additional distillation after the extraction.

  • Condensers with threaded fittings The behr hydrolysis units (4 or 6 sample positions) also enable acid digestion prior to extraction (determination of the total fat content according to Weibull and Stoldt).

Complete Single Extraction Units

behrotest ® Series Extraction Devices

Series Extraction Devices - with Water Bath for Highly Flammable Solvents Includes Glassware and Connection Tubes

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