Heating circulators/Baths

The JULABO circulator program features functional solutions for daily applications. Whether in research, material testing or in production – the well proven and reliable technology is valued by users in all industries. With JULABO circulators, rely on innovative temperature control technology that sets standards

Strong Benefits

  • Complete selection of models for internal and external applications

  • Working temperatures from +20 °C to +300 °C

  • Bath tanks made of stainless steel

  • Extra bright displays, easy to read from a distance

  • Quick results and high precision thanks to state-of-the-art control technology

  • Many professional functions for adjusting control parameters

  • temperature calibration,temperature profiles, etc. (depending on model)

  • Powerful circulating pumps, electronically adjustable

  • High heating capacities

  • Intelligent warning and safety functions

  • Unique early warning system for low liquid level

  • Digital and analog interfaces for flexible communication

  • Wireless monitoring and operation (WirelessTEMP®)

  • Complete selection of useful and practical accessories

Heating Circulators

Heating Circulators with Open Bath

Heating Immersion Circulators

Heating immersion circulators have always been a staple at JULABO.All circulators include a bath attachment clamp allowing for quick and easy mounting to a bath tank up to 50 liters. Immersion circulators

  • Working temperature range up to +200 °C

  • All wetted parts made of stainless steel or high grade plastic

  • Pump set for external control application and cooling coil for applications below ambient temperature available as accessories

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