Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination

InKjel InKjel rapid Kjeldahl digestors with direct sample heating by infra-red radiation (1,500 W).


  • 6 x 250 ml sample vessels

  • 12 x 250 ml sample vessels

  • 4 x 500 ml sample vessels

  • 4 x 750 ml sample vessels

The 500 and 750 ml behrotest® InKjel units find application in water and wastewater analysis

The user can switch from one vessel size to another simply by replacing the vessels, vessel frame and fume manifold.

For InKjel Models 1225 P, 450 P and 475 P, the sample capacity can be doubled at modest price by addition of a cost-effective PE slave module, which is operated by the controller located in the InKjel P.

Additional Accessories for the behrotest® Kjeldahl Analysis Systems

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