A.KRÜSS Optronic manufactures automatic and manual polarimeters for a variety of functions and requirements. Instruments in the P8000 series are fully automatic and extremely time efficient. With a measuring time of just one second, they are the fastest polarimeters on the global market. They combine speed with the utmost accuracy and resolution of the measuring results.

The Automatic Polarimeter P3000 also functions fully automatically. It stands out due to its particular ease of use, meaning that even staff without specialist knowledge can operate it. As a result, it is especially suited to use near the production area, for example, in quality control.

The results can be displayed immediately in degrees ° or in the international sugar scale °Z. With the manual laboratory polarimeter P1000-LED, A.KRÜSS Optronic provides a classic device for simple laboratory applications and training. The device provides a cost-effective alternative to automatic digital instruments and facilitates direct experience with polarimetry.

High speed polarimeters: P8000 series

Polarimeter for standard applications: P3000

Polarimeter for laboratory and Training: P1000-LED

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