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All Glass innovations – Japanese High Quality Glass Apparatus Since inception, Asahi Glassplant Inc has been earning its glory by producing quality glass apparatus and services. Over 2,400 leading companies in 27 countries have adapted and use our basic and customized products. We invent high performance products and innovative solutions by bringing expertise and advanced technology together. Our spread in research and development will result in beneficial contributions to the society.

Our corporate philosophy is Innovation, Sincerity and Progress. With our state-of-the-art facility and committed staff we develop and manufacture glass processing techniques day and night continually achieving precision and innovative glassware designs for science and industry. AG! Is committed to continually meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our customers without resting on our laurels, making AG! a world leader.

AG! Is the cutting edge manufacturing company that supplies the industry with state of the art scientific glassware, by taking glass a high performance material and fabricating it into highly functional product such a way to bring out its unique property. AG! is capable of utilizing glass to its full potential to create sophisticated high quality glassware for the industry. We are Japans No. 1 exporter of large scale Glass apparatus. With expertise and master craftsmanship we specalised in small experimental size to large sized apparatus. From standard products to customised solutions.

In addition to our standard products we also manufacture custom made apparatus providing solutions to your demands. We also design and make our own lathes and equipment and boast over 65 years of quality manufacturing experience and expertise. We are one of the world’s unique companies that go from design to manufacturing of borosilicate glass of 3.3 and quartz glass in the one facility. AG! also facilitates cost-effective design solutions for large-scale plant apparatus through using both borosilicate glass and quartz glass sections as required.

We have the largest number of glass experts and glass working lathes in Japan; also our diligent young staff gained invaluable knowledge working side-by-side with our experienced elder experts. In this way AG! will continue to provide quality products and customer satisfaction throughout the years ahead. AG! not only manufactures quality glass products but we possess the wealth of solid engineering know-how. AG! is Japan’s No. 1 exporter of large scale glass apparatus. AG! is also the No. 1 distributor of glass reactors in Japan.


  • Together we can work to find the perfect solution to suit your application requirements.

  • Customised Chemical Engineering Solutions.

  • Flexible Customized Solutions for All Standard Products.

  • Standard Complete Package; Plug & play; Ready to Use.

  • Flexibility to Customise and Upgrade.

Today AG! stands for:

Scientific Research Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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